Everyone knows I’m a space geek. This Saturday just really sucked.
I remember watching the drop tests of Enterprise from my Dad’s flying service in the 1970’s. I remember waking up at 05:00 when I was 9 to watch the first shuttle launch. And I’ve watched almost every launch since 1999 (thanks to the Internet).
For the past ten years, I’ve seen this agency drop billions of dollars into a flying condo for shuttle crews. This is all thanks to Mr. Goldin’s idea of trying to “split” the costs of the original space station.
This is why NASA should farm out work to private enterprise (not just the United Space Alliance). Follow the basic format the DoD has followed for the past 10 years. Give general requirements, let the contractors build and deliver the prototype. Best one in testing wins. It’s worked for the F-22, why not for a low-cost “deliver crew to here” ship.