#1. Photographic Analysis Technique for Assessing External Tank Foam Loss Events
Essentially, the tank foam covering process was changed back in 1997 due to a change in environmental policy. (Warning! Link leads to a 35MB .pdf file).
“Postflight inspection of orbiter tiles on mission STS-86 revealed greater damage than observed on previous flights. STS-87/ET-89, launched on November 19, 1997, had even more tile damage and prompted the initiation of in-flight anomaly STS-87-T-01 (IFA87) to identify the cause of the orbiter’s above average, lower surface tile damage and suggest corrective action.”
#2. Radical British Cleric Removed as Head of Mosque
“Masri was already at the center of a row this week after tabloids reported he had “gloated” over Saturday’s crash of the space shuttle Columbia and the death of its crew.”