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Didn’t we just spend 10 years in North Korea making sure they didn’t build a nuclear weapon? And guess what, they did it anyway. Now there are rumours about pulling out of the Armistice that ended the 1950’s Korean War.
Guys, this is what happens when you let madmen and lunatics stay in power. They don’t care what the UN thinks, they will do what they want with impunity. Just imagine five years from now when Saddam has a IRBM that can vaporize anypoint in Europe. Watch how fast the French and Germany get in line…


I grew up in the south suburbs of Chicago, my entire (and I do mean entire) family is liberal. Not just liberal, we’re talking about voting straight ticket since Roosevelt was in office. So when I broke with family tradition and announced that I was voting for W. in 2000, I received some very strange phone calls from my immediate family wondering if I’d gone off my rocker by living in rural Indiana.
Now, as we get closer to a war that seriously nobody wants (nobody wants war, we just know that giving another warning to Saddam is useless); it’s clear what the democratic party really wants out of this war. Airtime. I’m watching the likes of Dick Gephardt spouting off on how the recession is Bush’s fault. Nevermind that we entered this recession when Clinton was leaving and after the “Irrational Exhuberence” of the 1990’s.
Yes, both parties sucks, but the democrats are really doing a good job of alienating everyone from what I see. Come up with solutions guys, maybe someone might listen.