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OK, my day is better

Got the title for my Honda in the mail today. It’s all mine now. 🙂


We got our tax money back about a week ago. A very nice, large check. And next year will even be better with the adoption of Tyler which will add another deductible. Guess where the money went.
Paid off car.
Paid off other stuff.
Bought a few things.
It’s all gone now. I spent it. And that money went to companies who now pay their bills, and can pay their employees. Hell, maybe they can hire someone else to help now that people are buying things.
We live in a consumer society. We like toys, we like stuff. Ask some guy in rural Uzbekistan if he wants a Playstation for his kids, I bet he’d say “Hell yes!”.
Taxes in general don’t suck, it’s the oppresive, over-burdened taxes that suck.

So as I’m cleaning out the last few pieces of stuff that I have in my soon-to-be-closed office, I get a phone call from one of my customers.
“We’ve got two sites down, we need you on the phone to work them. Now.”
I already knew about the two outages, and when I had checked over an hour ago, both problems were being handled by the groups that need to fix them. Both were close to being fixed, and actually one had been proven to be a possible bad router. But no, it’s time to drop everything and set course at Mach 47 to get back home to get on a computer (since we now have NONE at the soon-to-be-closed office). I grab a box of stuff and run out to the car and make the 45 minute drive in under 23 minutes. Just as I get past the halfway point between work/home, my cell phone rings again…
“Oh, sorry to call but one of the sites came up an hour ago and we’re replacing the router on the second one. Cancel Panic.”
Ugh. Now I have to drive back to get the rest of the stuff tomorrow/next week since I have calls all the rest of the day and can’t spend two hours again driving back and forth.