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It’s been kind of funny over the past few weeks how the “wait-and-see” crowd has coalesced together. On one side, we have the “Make Love Not War” crowd sharing airtime with the “Pat Buchanan Isolationist Club Inc.”. Both sides have their points in avoiding war with Iraq from possible environmental destruction, to interference with a sovereign nation, to the “unneeded deaths” of our soldiers.
Don’t get me wrong here, I would be 100% happy if Saddam just came out and said, “Yup, I’ve got them, here they are, Merry Christmas! I’m going to Disneyland”. But this isn’t going to happen. Not while we he can keep the looney left and the scared right double-guessing themselves.
You remember that kid in school that kept borrowing a quarter from you every now and then, but never paid you back? Eventually, you stopped loaning him money because you knew he wouldn’t pay you back. While this seems like a trivial comparison to the crisis in Iraq, we have to ask the same question here. How long are we going to go on and let Saddam tell us he doesn’t have WMDs when we know he does. Resolution 1441 said Saddam had to prove he has destroyed his WMDs to the UN inspectors. Not just say they are in compliance, not just show pictures of broken bombs. Prove it beyond a shadow of a doubt. This isn’t that tough of a deal to do. According to Hans Blix, the Iraqis have admitted to having WMDs, but they buried them in the desert and destroyed all of the paperwork with it. Here’s the link I was able to find.
Destroyed the documentation? Buried hundreds of tons of VX and Anthrax and other agents that can kill someone on contact? In the middle of the desert? Umm, my BS detector is now redlining. Did Saddam also offer us “Ocean-Front” property in downtown Baghdad as well?
If Iraq wants to prove that they don’t have any WMDs, just take a trip out to the desert and show the UN inspectors where the bombs are buried. Real simple, we’ll do the tests and if they are there, we’ll move on. Hmm, that hasn’t happened yet. And I don’t think it will either.
Of course, the question is now asked, “So what if he has them. Who cares, they aren’t a threat to us!” This was the same question asked in 1911, 1939, etc, etc, etc. Evil Bad Dictators® don’t really care about sanity, they want power and control. Remember Hirohito? Hitler? Mussolini? They took relatively backwater countries and quickly turned them into war machines. It was only when they came into our backyard, was when we acted. And we lost hundreds of thousands of people pushing them back.
While I’m 100% in agreement that WMDs will eventually proliferate to the point of where my neighbor down the street will have a Minuteman III sitting in his living room, using this argument as a reason to abandon stopping their progress is absurd. It’s time to grow up America. We’re now the parents of the world. We have to set an example that the neighborhood bully can’t get away with his crap. Are you really ready to let this guy go? Do you really think he is innocent?
But before you think about it, do you think you can get me one of those “No War For Oil” buttons? I bet I can make a killing from those on Ebay in a few years.


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