So, in an entirely selfish mood this morning (added with the fact that I can write & save on my site) I decided to put my response here instead of at Derek’s Blog.

Anyhow, Derek put up a story on his site about how there is “No Moral Reason” to go to war with Iraq. Here was a quote:
“In other words, by every tenet of international law, the US actions are roughly equivalent to those of Germany or Japan in World War II. “
So I decided to dig further (and acutally read the article he posted from which has an Index of Evil which includes such lovely people as Saddam, Bin Laden, and John Ashcroft??
Anyhow, that’s besides the point. Derek was ranting on that since the UN looks like it’s not going to pass another resolution with a deadline for Iraq, there was no justification for war (along with the usual screeching of “no imminent threat of violence against the US from Iraq”. When did you put intelligence assets in Iraq to determine that threat? Or the threat to our allies?) that the US is just like Nazi Germany.
So using his logic, a mandate from the United Nations would make this war “legal”. Currently on the Security Council, four countries have come out saying they would be opposed to war. They are France, Russia, China, and Syria. Of course these countries are acting on purely noble terms and really want peace in the region. Or are they?
In 2001, with the restructuring of the “Oil for Food” program, it turns out that Russia and Syria were given priority by Iraq. Acccording to Pravda, Russia exported $200 million dollars of materials to Iraq. While that doesn’t sound like much, remember that the current Russian GNP is just below Belgium in scale. Syria on the other hand exported $250 million of goods in 1999 and have a free trade agreement in place.
This now brings us China with it’s veto power. China of course imports 500 million barrels of oil each year from Iraq. While it doesn’t count much toward their overall oil usage, it does account for a sizable amount of hard currency being shipped out of Bejing each year. And that number is increasing.
Finally we come to France. France who once again today said they “(do) not support the idea of an ultimatum”. Of course, France has provided military parts to Iraq outside of the UN Sanctioned “Oil for Food” program, but is also Iraq’s largest trading partner.
Could it possibly be the countries who are acting “under the own conscience” are really acting under their own economic policies? Does this behavior validate or invalidate the “UN Mandate” since these countries are being swayed by the almighty Euro/Ruble/Yuan/SAR Pound?