I’m done. I’ve had it tonight. Maybe next week, I might be interested in debating this again.
But I doubt it.

My opinions have changed over the past ten years. When I first got our of college, I was a dyed-in-the-wool Chicago liberal who thought the corporations were screwing the little guy and conservatives were just a bunch of rich, white, whiny bastards.
Well, then I moved to Fort Wayne. And I became a dad three times over in the past four years. My ideas changed. No, I didn’t become a bible-banging Christian, or a psychotic tax fiend screaming “IT’S MY MONEY!!! IT’S MY MONEY!!!”.
Nope, I became your stereotypical “trying-to-raise-a-family, working-my-ass-off, gotta-get-the-kids-to-school, shit-its-time-for-the-kids-gymnastics-class” dad. One who thinks about how the hell this little town in Indiana is going to be over the next ten years as my kids get older.
Last year, I spent a hell of a time going to school board meetings trying to get the district to build three new schools. The schools were going to cost $30 million dollars and required a restruicturing of the current property tax system. Well, as you can guess all hell broke loose. There were people screaming at the meetings, saying the school board was forcing them out of their homes. And I spoke up and said “This needs to be done, we have to invest in the future.”
(btw Dan, which logical fallicy did I use there? Just checking…)
And of course, I was just a “stupid idiot that didn’t pay taxes”. Yes, the moron who didn’t know how good our 60 year old, asbestos lined, impossible to fix boiler driven schools were. Oh, and it was costing the school three million a year just to keep them in working order. But that was nothing…again, I was the idiot.
So this little skermish in the gulf comes up. Again, people jump out to impeach Bush, get-out-of-the-middle-east-and-stop-helping-Isreal, and don’t do anything without the blessing of the UN.
You know, up until four weeks ago, I thought the UN was useful. I really did. I would see the signs screaming “Get US out of the UN” and think “Man, those guys are idiots”. You know what, they were right.
The wonderful UN who debated over the wording of a resolution condemning the genocide of 800,000 Rwandans. The wonderful UN who conveinently forgets the eighteen resolutions it already passed about Iraq calling for them to disarm. The wonderful UN who really told Pol Pot that he should really stop killing 2,000,000 of his own people right now, darnit.
I’m going to say it now. Fuck the UN. Fuck the bloated, stupid, head-so-far-up-its-ass-it-needs-a-sigmoidiscope-to-take-its-drivers-license-picture UN. France wouldn’t give a fuck if three billion planes crashed into every house in America just as long as we sent Jerry Lewis over before the whole fucking thing started. Germany wouldn’t give a fuck, except now they would really have to move EVERYTHING out of Detroit and back to Stuttgart as opposed to just taking over the fucking Chrysler building.
The intellectuals of the world are of course quite convinced that us dumb fucks out here in flyover country are only worried about porn and if the fucking game is on.
Guess what you egotistical pricks. We actually do care what is going on. We don’t like Dan Rather kissing Saddams ass. We actually can and do read, and know that our neighbors, our parents are going off to some fucking unpronoucable land to possibly get killed in 69 unusual ways. And we know that when our commander in chief says it’s time for action, we have to go.
So when you’re sipping you fucking triple-mocha, half-french-vanilla latte while surfing the Internet at Starbucks, just remember it was those soldiers in France and those geeks at BBN who fucking worked and died just so that you could download the latest fucking pictures of Jennifer Lopez with Nipple Clamps to your fucking phone.
Oh, and get me a double-cocoa espresso when you get a chance.