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Site Developer

Well, just throw “Site Developer” on my resume. Mom has been on the board for the Southwest Symphony Orchestra for a while, and I volunteered to update the site. Not bad for coding it in Notepad essentially…


Light Reading

With the commencement of warm weather and a hectic schedule, this weekend I had just enough time (between soccer games and family stuff) to sit down and do something I haven’t been able to do for a while. Read.
Sat down with a book called A Man Called Dave. The book is a followup to his previous books A Child Called It and The Lost Boy which dealt with severe child abuse. His first two books are pretty much required reading for anyone that wants to take a special needs child; the last one is pretty much an autobiography of his 20’s and 30’s. It’s an interesting read about how someone (Dave obviously) was able to get his past out of his life and move on.
Heck, it could have been stereo instructions. I was just happy enough to get a few hours to read in peace while my kids were out terrorizing the neighborhood.

Adding On

While working from home has been interesting, it’s also brought forth the obvious need for me to get a different place. We’ve been bouncing around the idea of moving, but with the current commision structure of most realtors in this area, combined with the friends our kids have made; we’ve made the decision to add on to the house. I’m contracting out the majority of it (or all of it, depending on what the bids come back at).
Into the abyss…

So as I’ve been running around the blog universe, I ran into Dean Esmay’s blog about the war, liberalism, et al. Dean’s wife Rosemary put up a post about how people who are against the war but support the troops are hypocrites just as the people who don’t like abortion but want to keep it legal.
I don’t know what to think about this issue. I obviously think the war was the right thing to do, but when it comes to pushing my “moral judgement” onto others, I personally think bad things happen.
The republic we live in depends on compromise. Derek I know would like to live in a tax-free haven just for himself, but I know that taxes need to be paid for those silly things like schools, roads, etc. And yes, government is corrupt in a good part of it.
So where do we draw the line? Where does the moral high ground meet the law?

End of the Apple Saga?

It’s going back.. Got the RMA and I’m paying for the shipping. Ugh.
I wil admit that I like the interface, but for what I do on a day-to-day basis, this machine will not work for me. Yes, bad on me for not thinking about how I use my machines already (nice KVM switch to bounce between work and play machines).
So yes, the EMac is going back and after I do some KVM updating, maybe I’ll put out the $$$ for the G4 tower.
Or maybe I’ll get that new P4 Dell with the 18″ LCD for the same price…I’m not sure yet.

Crash #2

Mac crashed again this morning. Don’t know if this box doesn’t like Safari or something.
Part of me really likes this box but the other part wants to ship it back to Apple and get stuck with the 10% restocking fee…

Mac Fallacy #1?

Never have to reboot after a program update??

Fed Ex guy showed up this afternoon with a large and cumbersome box with my lovely little EMac in it. It’s not a bad box, from what I’ve been able to play with so far. Here’s the problems I’ve found so far.
#1. 1280×1024 is most likely at 60Hz, not 72Hz no matter what the box says.
#2. Navigating around isn’t as “intuitive” as I thought it would be.
#3. The bar at the bottom is highly annoying.
#4. The CD-RW is shaky, almost like it’s going to fall off.
On the plus side, it has nice sound and I like the browser at this point. Now just have to figure out how to get the box networked with my XP machnes.
Derek, you will be happy to know the CD that broke its cherry was “Echoes: Best of Pink Floyd”

Looked “altered” but it’s still quite funny.


Some girl (Bitta Mostofi from Voices in the Wilderness) is spouting on Fox right now about how “Corporate America” is stealing money from the Iraqis since the US is awarding contracts to foreign firms and not Iraqi ones.
Umm Bitta, maybe you missed it. Iraq doesn’t exactly have the world best infrastructure at this moment (thanks to Saddam’s little party he’s had for the past 30 years). How can you award a contract to an Iraqi firm to say, make books, if their presses we’re blown up.
Of course, it was mostly ranting about “Corporate America” and the evil of corporations. Jees people, get over it. Some corporations are big and greedy to a point. But the majority of them are just out to make a buck and to make a good product.
Update: After a quick Google search, I found out what their real goal was.