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So, for the past few weeks I’ve been bothering Derek ad nauseum to see if he knew of anyone that had a spare Mac lying around so I could at least play around with OS X. I’ve looked at getting a new IMac, but I really can’t see parting with $1300 to play around with a machine that I might ultimately put on Ebay. And of course, Apple has a 10-day return policy, hardly enough time to really test out a machine to it’s fullest extent.
I’ve been toying around with the idea of picking up a refurb IBook and slapping OS X on it just to get a good idea how well it runs. The problem is most IBook are G3s, which makes me think the OS X experience would highly suck on a really dog slow machine.

I was thinking about this while driving my daughter to school today (while she was chatting with her friends about movies, etc..).
Fort almost 40 years, the country of Germany was occupied by France, Britain, the Soviet Union, and the United States. In that time, the United States provded support (see Marshall Plan), security (see NATO), and help in forming a democratic government).
So it really makes me wonder why Germany is concerned about the US liberation and (their words, not mine) “occupation” of Iraq. Are they afraid that and a country the Middle East and the world can be proud of? Just wondering…. we won’t do that same thing to Iraq, you know, make them an economic power

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