Some girl (Bitta Mostofi from Voices in the Wilderness) is spouting on Fox right now about how “Corporate America” is stealing money from the Iraqis since the US is awarding contracts to foreign firms and not Iraqi ones.
Umm Bitta, maybe you missed it. Iraq doesn’t exactly have the world best infrastructure at this moment (thanks to Saddam’s little party he’s had for the past 30 years). How can you award a contract to an Iraqi firm to say, make books, if their presses we’re blown up.
Of course, it was mostly ranting about “Corporate America” and the evil of corporations. Jees people, get over it. Some corporations are big and greedy to a point. But the majority of them are just out to make a buck and to make a good product.
Update: After a quick Google search, I found out what their real goal was.