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Mac Fallacy #1?

Never have to reboot after a program update??


Fed Ex guy showed up this afternoon with a large and cumbersome box with my lovely little EMac in it. It’s not a bad box, from what I’ve been able to play with so far. Here’s the problems I’ve found so far.
#1. 1280×1024 is most likely at 60Hz, not 72Hz no matter what the box says.
#2. Navigating around isn’t as “intuitive” as I thought it would be.
#3. The bar at the bottom is highly annoying.
#4. The CD-RW is shaky, almost like it’s going to fall off.
On the plus side, it has nice sound and I like the browser at this point. Now just have to figure out how to get the box networked with my XP machnes.
Derek, you will be happy to know the CD that broke its cherry was “Echoes: Best of Pink Floyd”