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End of the Apple Saga?

It’s going back.. Got the RMA and I’m paying for the shipping. Ugh.
I wil admit that I like the interface, but for what I do on a day-to-day basis, this machine will not work for me. Yes, bad on me for not thinking about how I use my machines already (nice KVM switch to bounce between work and play machines).
So yes, the EMac is going back and after I do some KVM updating, maybe I’ll put out the $$$ for the G4 tower.
Or maybe I’ll get that new P4 Dell with the 18″ LCD for the same price…I’m not sure yet.


Crash #2

Mac crashed again this morning. Don’t know if this box doesn’t like Safari or something.
Part of me really likes this box but the other part wants to ship it back to Apple and get stuck with the 10% restocking fee…