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Up Late

Who knows who reads this except for me…oh well, better than talking to myself (but only slightly)
Derek was talking about being happier when he had less, when his responsibilities were to the job at hand, and the only thing you worried about was paying the rent and money for Fazoli’s all you can eat spaghetti on Thursday nights.
While that’s true, and sometimes quite enviable; I don’t think it could replace the security of a wife in bed watching soaps, kids asleep with their friends for a sleepover, and the BoDeans singing about losing a woman and remembering how it’s just so good to know there’s someone out there.
Fuck, the BoDeans just knew how to write good music…another band into infinity.


PSP – Psycho Soccer Parents

Which after posting the first piece brings me to this second one. Tyler has been in soccer for about five weeks now. For someone who didn’t know squat about soccer, he’s really coming along well with it. He’s more of a natural defenseman than anything (“knock the ball out. get the guy with the ball. OK, now stand there and look at the grass”).
A few weeks ago one of the dads of my son’s teammate came to practice. I’m pretty sure he’s one of the gym teachers in the district, but I’m not sure which school. Anyhow while the kids were scrimmaging with the other team, he cracks out the whistle and starts calling tons’o penalties on the first graders.
First graders. The kids who just two weeks earlier were at the reasoning point of understanding the ball is NOT edible. Now, we’re calling offsides, tripping, illegal defense, you name it. Not more than 40 seconds would pass by without the whistle going off and the kids looking confused and wondering “Do I get to kick the ball again?”.
Thankfully, that was the first and last practice he did that at (after I made some jokes to the coach about bringing whips and chains to the next practice for the kids who got more than two penalties). Well, I started to talk to him about the game last week. He was riding his son to go after the ball (which he was, at the typical speed a first grader does. stop, slow, stop). This went on for a bit when he started complainnig the referees weren’t calling anything. I just couldn’t take it anymore and blurted out “It’s first grade!! This isn’t the All-England Cup. Let them have fun!”. He pretty much got miffed and said we had to be hard on these kids and they would understand the rules and eventually play really well.
I remember playing baseball when I was a kid. There were kids on my team that wanted to be the next Carlton Fisk or George Brett. And there were the parents who rode them pretty hard to play better, not make mistakes, etc. And there was me, who enjoyed standing out in right field looking at the grass and striking out my required one time at bat. I always wondered who had more fun…

Daddy Time

So with only four weeks to go until YMCA baseball starts, I decided that it was a good idea to start practicing with Tyler (seeing as how he can barely throw). We were going over the mechanics of throwing (in a way that a seven year old understands).
“OK, now throw it to me.”
“No, you’re trying to throw it too hard, that’s why it slipped off your fingers and landed three feet away. Try it again.”
“No, now you’re not throwing it hard enough. Try to get it PAST your shoelaces”
“No, now you’re trying to hard again, here let me show you. OK…got it…try it again. OK, technically it made it PAST your shoelaces this time”.
After about 30 minutes of this, we started to get a nice game of catch going. I’m trying to teach him how to get underneath the ball and he’s trying to be Mr. Gold Glove “Let me pose for the camera while I catch this backhanded”.
Three weeks, six days until the first game. I’ve got some work to do. 😉

Kudos to SMC

SMC just released a new firmware for the 2404 router which now allows me to connect to work over the router (and not through the hardwired DMZ).
Now if I could just get my laptop display fixed, life would be good.
One of those guys who really drives me up the wall on occasion(but has control over most of the good hardware in the company) not only saved me one of the new laptops, but is sending it up here on Monday for me to swap hard drives. Not only will I have a shiny, rebuilt laptop from HP.
Well Steve, if you read the blog, you made my day. Now I can do the happy dance on Monday night. I will graciously apologize for being a prick to you. 😉

I am a Nerd

OK, I don’t know ANY computer languages. But, I do know a few different bugs on Cisco routers that will make any WAN guys life hell!

take the nerd test.

I’ll take a McRib, Two Orders of Fries, and oh yeah, be sure to search my car for anything illegal that I might have done.
McSting lacked franchise approval

Wired (and at a variety of other outlets) have been reporting on a new self-defense vest that sends out a couple of thousand volts (at a really low amperage) that can stun an attacker (or if he sticks around long enough, they might be able to make popcorn or even coffee).
Normally, it falls into the catagory of “Gee, isn’t that nice too”. But it was the last part that had me wondering outloud…HUH?
The jacket is designed for women only. Its small size and narrow armholes are intended to prevent men from using it as an offensive weapon. Whiton conceded that women could use it offensively, and that it would be hard for police to arrest anyone wearing one.
Pardon me if I tend to think this is a bit…well….sexist, but don’t we have female criminals out there? While I 100% support this device, I think it’s a bit strange for someone to market a personal protection device solely that only one sex can wear it. Now, I don’t expect to put my chubby self into one (or would want to…I’d be too damn tempted to go around to people going “Pull My Finger” or at least juggling florescent light bulbs), but I do think it’s strange to totally exclude that market.
Oh well, you know some 12 year old is going to get a hold of it and really have some fun at school!

E9 = WMD?

Gotta love the Patriot Act… blatently borrowed from Transterrestial Musings
ATFE Expected To Bust Illegal Rocketeers

Freedom of Speech Part Deux

So now, I’m at the point of “where does freedom of speech begin and end”. Does it mean that you have the right to stand on a street corner and say that George Bush is the antichrist? Sure, not a prob. Go ahead and spout away. Does that mean I should give deep thought about what you have to say? Of course not…
And here’s where I think the loony left gets “freedom of speech” mixed up. Look at amendment #1.
Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.
What does that mean? It means that congress cannot write a law that abridges your ability to speak your mind. It does NOT guarantee that if you say something extremely stupid (i.e. George Bush is Hitler at a public forum) that your employer, your friends, and even your family can’t sit there and look at you with stunned amazement that you weren’t beaten more as a child.
But you do have a right to make a fool of yourself. It’s right there in Amendment #1. Enjoy! 🙂

I just spent the past fifteen minutes listening to Chris Hedges’ rant at the Rockford College graduation ceremony (which ironically my cousin’s husband was attending, and I know he was graduating this year).
My question to Chris is this:
You are the guest speaker at a small college in nowhere Illinois. You have an opportunity to talk about how life is tough, that hard work does get some somewhere, yadda, yadda, yadda. Do you take the high road, deliver a good speech with some points about how we might be an arrogant nation?
Nope, if you are Chris Hedges’ you go into a 15+ minute tirade about the evils of America, and how Muslim countries cannot exist within a democracy. You go into the evils of Israel, the US, and anybody who doesn’t 100% agree with Yassar Arafat. You ignore the audience who at this point has lost control and would nothing more to rip that cap and gown off you and shove you back into the puddle jumper you came from to ship your ass back to NYC.
Chris, congratulations. You have just guaranteed that it will be a cold day in heck before an NYT reporter is invited to another graduation. Hope you enjoyed your 15 minutes.