I just spent the past fifteen minutes listening to Chris Hedges’ rant at the Rockford College graduation ceremony (which ironically my cousin’s husband was attending, and I know he was graduating this year).
My question to Chris is this:
You are the guest speaker at a small college in nowhere Illinois. You have an opportunity to talk about how life is tough, that hard work does get some somewhere, yadda, yadda, yadda. Do you take the high road, deliver a good speech with some points about how we might be an arrogant nation?
Nope, if you are Chris Hedges’ you go into a 15+ minute tirade about the evils of America, and how Muslim countries cannot exist within a democracy. You go into the evils of Israel, the US, and anybody who doesn’t 100% agree with Yassar Arafat. You ignore the audience who at this point has lost control and would nothing more to rip that cap and gown off you and shove you back into the puddle jumper you came from to ship your ass back to NYC.
Chris, congratulations. You have just guaranteed that it will be a cold day in heck before an NYT reporter is invited to another graduation. Hope you enjoyed your 15 minutes.