Wired (and at a variety of other outlets) have been reporting on a new self-defense vest that sends out a couple of thousand volts (at a really low amperage) that can stun an attacker (or if he sticks around long enough, they might be able to make popcorn or even coffee).
Normally, it falls into the catagory of “Gee, isn’t that nice too”. But it was the last part that had me wondering outloud…HUH?
The jacket is designed for women only. Its small size and narrow armholes are intended to prevent men from using it as an offensive weapon. Whiton conceded that women could use it offensively, and that it would be hard for police to arrest anyone wearing one.
Pardon me if I tend to think this is a bit…well….sexist, but don’t we have female criminals out there? While I 100% support this device, I think it’s a bit strange for someone to market a personal protection device solely that only one sex can wear it. Now, I don’t expect to put my chubby self into one (or would want to…I’d be too damn tempted to go around to people going “Pull My Finger” or at least juggling florescent light bulbs), but I do think it’s strange to totally exclude that market.
Oh well, you know some 12 year old is going to get a hold of it and really have some fun at school!