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The Grown-Up Right

For years while I was growing up in the quiet suburbs of Chicago, I was a democrat. Yup, a 100% “I Wanted Dukakis To Win!”, “Daley for Chicago” leftie who loved to debate about why abortion needs to be kept legal, why the government should help out those less fortunate, and keeping the rich in check is good for society.
Then I grew up.
It started about six years ago. Just after I had the bad taste in my mouth about voting Clinton in again (but like I really had a choice with “Mr. Viagra” Bob Dole); it started. I started wondering about economic policies, about how we as a nation present ourselves to the world, and how we really help less fortunate countries join the world community. When the democrats took credit for the economic boom, I knew that it was a load of crap. When the left lobbed a few cruise missles at Osama and Saddam, it was another gutless “lets not take care of the problem, just make it look good for the media” try.
Then Monica hit, then the whole Florida election came about when democrats conveiniently forgot about the Electoral College (and still do to this day). By that point, I had voted for Bush (since I absolutely coudn’t stand Al and Tipper, remember the PMRC?) and didn’t look back. Now I look at names that I used to revere like Kerry, Gephardt, and Hart; guys who know better, but choose to defend ideals that reek of garbage.
But now that I’m a “righty”, does that mean I think abortion should be illegal? That corporations should run amok? That we shouldn’t take care of the environment? Hell no. And it doesn’t mean I found God, Jesus, or anything else in the “deity-of-the-week” range.
It just means I grew up.


Very Cool Weekend

Had my mom and Richard out this weekend, and low and behold, they brought my daughter Krystal out with them.
My God, she has really grown up. She can pretty much look me right in the eye. I would post a picture of her on here, but since I don’t have permission from her mom to do so, I won’t.
She got to play with the kids and had a great time. But the one part that wowed me was this.
Me: So, what do you want to do when you grow up?
K: Well, I want to be an astronomer.
Wow, how many 13 year old girls WANT to be an astronomer. I had to walk into the other room because I was just floored.
Anyhow, I just had to gloat about that. Hopefully we’ll be able to see her again in a few weeks when we head out to Chicago for the Pat Benatar concert.

Did we sound THAT bad?

So I’m sitting at home today (working of course) and this morning for the first time I can think of, the sounds and cheap electric guitar start filling the neighborhood. My neighbors apparently abandoned their house and left it in the capable hands on their 14 year old grandson and his friend.
Right now, they have blasted through an off-key rendition of “Enter Sandman”, aborted some Jimi Hendrix songs, played something that almost sounded good (except for the off-key solos), and right now are singing something about girls acapella.
Oh God, they found the Wah pedal. Someone shoot me now.


Yesterday a nice installer from Starlight came out and installed a huge UHF antenna in my attic (some that I could have done, but I was 100% sure it would go on the roof, but that’s another debate). Anyhow, the signal directly from the antenna was perfect. Crisp, sharp, no static on analog, life was good.
Then he connected it to my multiswitch.
The one thing I absolutely hate about being an early adapter with HDTV is that stations don’t always broadcast during the day. And they on occasion take down the transmitters because of upgrades, etc. Because I knew of the work that WISE-DT was doing, it was 100% plausible that they would be off the air at 10:00AM. Also, my lovely $3,000 TV doesn’t have a signal strength meter. So I can’t tell if things are better or not. Well, 39 is coming in just fine (just like when it’s on my set-top antenna) and 23 in Marion is dead. I’ve never been able to get a lockon with it during the day, so I sign the form and off home the installer goes.
Last night, after the sun had pretty much set, I sit down and start getting ready to enjoy my three-four HDTV channels. I tell the TV to lock on again, expect this time, it can’t even get 39. Now at this point I’m pissed. I move the antenna over to the analog interface and it’s crap. Static all over the place.
When the installer was out here, he plugged the antenna into the OTA port on my multiswitch, which he thought was amplified. It isn’t apparently. So now tomorrow (maybe, if I’m lucky) he will show up back out here with an amplifier and slap it on.
This whole HDTV thing is getting pretty annoying, I’d really like to watch something other than “The Best of (insert east coast state here)” on PBS.

Because then we would be fuming about the Cubans holding two American kids in their country.

Iranian Bloggers

Blogs of War has a cool listing of Iranian Bloggers. Here’s to hoping this really is Revolution Part Two, and not Tiananmen Square, the sequel.

Sounds like another school going overboard when it comes to disciplining a student. I really hate these stupid “gotta keep the kids safe at all costs” laws which are totally vague, and usually end up causing grief for people that have kids that say stupid things at the wrong time.
Anyhow, this guy is now charged with a felony for writing about blowing up his school. Was he stupid, you bet. A High School senior should know better (especially one that is supposedly gifted at writing). Does he deserve punishment from school? Probably since he did something that stupid. Will it prevent the real nut cases from going into the school with guns? Hell no.

Pics of the kids at Camp

Kids just got home from camp yesterday, and thankfully the YMCA has modernized and put pics of the entire week online.
Click on “Session 1”
Password is huntymca

Via Instapundit:
But if this is true, it’s not surprising. Political Correctness has infected every school, including the one I send my kids to.
Looked in Google and the other usual places, but didn’t find a mention of it in the news.

But I just had to comment on this site.
My personal favorite is “You Ate My Mother”.