Well, one of the added benefits of working from home is that I can (on occasion) answer the phone and have a lovely conversation about, well, evil long distance phone companies.
Me: Hello
Annoying Telemarketing Idiot: (Dead Silence for 3 seconds while CTI app loads my name up on the screen) Hello Mr. Wohl-GEE-muth, my name is #@#%$# and I’m calling from (Telecom-R-Us)’s customer service department and I would like to warn you about a surcharge the long distance carriers are adding to your local phone bill.
Me: (Dead Silence)
ATI: Anyhow Mr. Wohl-GEE-muth, the long distance carriers have added an additional $6.45 per month to your local….
Me: Cool!
ATI: Excuse me?
Me: Cool! Let’s rake them over the coals and take them for every dime we can. (Insert Evil Laugh here).
ATI: I’m sorry sir, you want to pay more?
Me: Yes, I work for one of the evil long distance companies and I just LOVE it when we steal money from the unsuspecting public. BWAHAHAHAHAHA!
ATI: Um, OK sir, we’ll take you off our list.
Of course, since I do work for (insert telecom provider name here), I guess it’s more of an inside joke than anything. 😉