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But I just had to comment on this site.
My personal favorite is “You Ate My Mother”.


Some things you could see while working from home:
#1. Folding laundry while explaining router stats to repair techs.
#2. Having a high-level customer conference call in a pair of sweatpants and a Big Dog T-Shirt.
#2. Little girls pounding on the patio door wanting to pet the kitty who is on the other side of the glass, mocking them.

This man

thinks that all of these attacks were the work of heroes.

While I understand the idea that one man’s terrorist could be another ones freedom fighter; these statements were the work of a MP in the British Government.
To Mr. McDonnell, I hope the families of the victims of every single IRA attack haunt you for those words for the rest of your life. While both sides were just as guilty in the war over Northern Ireland, I don’t seem to remember British troops bombing Belfast parks.
The funny thing is Mr. McDonnell opposed the Iraq war. A war which has liberated millions of people. Wasn’t the war in Ireland about “freeing” the people in Northern Ireland from the “oppresive” British rule? And just where does the line between condemn/condone exist with him.
Of course, all of this is just happening in Britain. Nothing like this would ever happen over here, right?

One of the benefits of working from home is that I get the priviledge of letting in whoever I need to work on the house, pretty much whenever I want to. Today’s guest at the Wohlgemuth household was Stanley Steemer. We decided to get the carpets cleaned, so went through the normal scheduling and they showed up around 8:15 to get started.
Normally carpet cleaning is a loud, annoying thing where they suck out everything you and your kids have left on the floor for the past few years, and then hit your wallet for couple hundred dollars. This isn’t news. What IS news is while I was working, my 802.11b connection died. OK maybe the router rebooted. No, the wired connection is up and fine. OK, reboot the laptop. Nope, still down. The second he went downstairs with his machine, the signal returned, albeit at a “low” strength. When he turned his machine off, signal returned to 100%.
Now who knows what really happened (could have been power, space aliens, who knows), but I just found it weird that their equipment would interfere with 2.4GHz. Next time, I’ll take the morning off or at least wire in the laptop.