My job revolves around the concept of fixing broken networks. My job isn’t as glorious as MacGyver or as dirty as an auto mechanics. But when it comes down to it, the same principles exist.
#1. If the circuit breaks then fixes itself, it’s not fixed. And no, just as an auto mechanic can’t work on a car while it’s driving down the highway, I can’t fix the problem and keep the site up. But, if the circuit goes down for two minutes, comes back up and stays up for three months, then goes down for one minute; it’s probably not the same problem.
#2. If the circuit is back up at this point, I probably can’t tell you what exactly broke. I can guess based on some of the data I have. No, don’t ask for it in writing.
#3. If you won’t give me testing access to the circuit until after 20:00, and there is no access to the site after 17:00; don’t expect much to be done. Yes, I’m serious.
#4. No, I won’t go replacing expensive pieces of hardware to make you feel better. If your car starts acting funny, do you replace the engine? It’s a stupid way of fixing things (and also time-wasting and damn expensive) which only masks the original problem and makes things ten times worse.
#5. Yes I’m available 24/7 to answer your questions. Yes, I will drop everything and go out to your site if needed. Yes, I will yell at the local companies to get their crap together. But don’t expect me to do it with a smile after you call me every name in the book.
There, I feel better now. 🙂