Drudge and few other places are reporting on the slowly growing bulge that is currently forming in Yellowstone National Park.
Now, my point isn’t to panic you (unless you live right above the damn thing, then I suggest opening a day spa and milking it for all it’s worth). But it does make me think about how damn lucky we are to live in a time where there isn’t a famine, a plague, or even a little Ice Age. Think about this, when was the last time we saw a massive crop failure where no one could help? My recollection would be the Dust Bowl in the 1930’s. But still, there was no world-wide starvation.
And we haven’t had a nice harbringer of doom like in Deep Impact or even worse, Ishtar II.
So we have to admire the times we live in. Sure, we have an earthquake every now and then. And of course volcanoes do erupt, but with usually tons of notice. Enough time usually to get more people killed because we’re pretty damn good at predicting an eruption far enough in advance and they get bored.
I guess there really wasn’t a point to this post. Knowing that Yellowstone will still be there thousands of years after my descedents have forgotten to spell “Wohlgemuth” is a somewhat comforting feeling.