Mayor Daley finally got his wish and has demolished Meigs field in Chicago.
For those of you who don’t know what it is. Meigs field was a one runway airport that was built onto the lake back in the 1940’s. The airport allowed easy access for corporate jets and private planes to land extremely close (five minute car ride) to most of downtown Chicago. Also if you ever played Flight Simulator, it’s the first airport you fly out of to get that wonderful view as you take off.
I remember as a kid flying into Meigs with my dad. Approaches there were always a bit hairy, but if you flew in correctly there wasn’t a problem. Meigs was always a great airport, not just for the conveiniences but for the scenery as well. I also can remember as a kid going down to the Adler Planitarium or Shedd Aquarium and watching the planes fly into the airport on a minute by minute basis. Because of the northern approach, these planes would fly about 100 feet over your head as they landed. Talk about cool. šŸ™‚
But Meigs always had a death sentence hanging over it. Daley tried closing the field in 1995 (without notifying the FAA) and was forced to reopen it by the Federal government. That was easy to do since all he had to do was remove the painted “X” that was on the runway.
This time, he made sure he got it right. On March 30th, Mayor Daley ordered the Streets and Sanitation group down to carve giant Xs into the runway, making it impossible for a plane to land ever again. Oh BTW, once again this was done without FAA approval or even notice.
Now that the airport has been irreversiblely damaged, and with the fears of a terrorist incident at Meigs with small planes (as opposed to the 747s that routinely fly over the city of Chicago while taking off/landing at O’Hare); Daley gets his wish.
As I said, “End of an Era – Chicago Style”.