So after reading about Derek’s rant about how wonderful the new Sidekick is, I decided to try it out and see if it would work with our spiffy new remote access. So I call the T-Mobile store in Fort Wayne to see if they have one.
Called Friday evening when I was four blocks away, no answer.
Called Sunday afternoon, no answer.
Called Monday morning, no answer.
Called Monday afternoon and finally spoke to some clerk weenie at the site. Asked if they had a demo that I could at least try out in the store to see if it would work with my spiffy VPN access? Heck no. BUT I could go ahead, sign up for service, slap down the $300 for the phone and see if it worked in the store.
When I asked to speak to the manager about the utter stupidity of that policy, he told me that HE was the manager and that he couldn’t just have a phone lying around for people to try.
Now maybe I’m missing the overall point, but if a customer calls in wanting to buy your most expensive piece of hardware to see if it works, wouldn’t you just crack open a box and plug it in so that he could at least try it out for fifteen minutes? Or is it better to snub your potential customer, pissing him off so that he’ll put the cash out to get service from somewhere else.
But I guess that would make sense to T-Mobile….