Normally it’s not too difficult to see the Indiana Air National Guard F-16’s taking off from Fort Wayne, especially since Huntington lines up rather nicely with the main 12k’ runway. But today my house was buzzed from what looked like an A-10 Warthog at about 300 feet at what I would guess to be 200-300 knots. Unfortunately he wasn’t lined up to land/takeoff at either Huntington Airport or Fort Wayne.
Some pilots don’t realize that practicing aerobatics over a populated area isn’t exactly a good idea, especially with complex machines. While rare, accidents do happen and bringing your plane down in a subdivision as opposed to open cornfield two miles away brings bad karma. 🙂
I know the chances of an accident happening are close to zilch, but why the hell tempt fate and not just practice two or three miles down the road.
And yes, he’s still out there flying around. Can’t miss the sound of low-to-the-ground turbofans.