Construction updates have been slow, since progress has been slow.
Today was the day that the roof trusses were supposed to be put in place. Actually, they were supposed to be done Tuesday (oops, need to finish the bearing wall), then Wednesday (put sheeting up first), then Thursday (waiting for some help), and finally today. Except today is the first day that we have had rain in almost two weeks.
I’m not talking about your usual drizzle. So far in the past two hours I’ve swept out at least 1/4″ of rain TWICE. And of course with this being Labor Day weekend, we can wipe out any possibility of work over the weekend. Which means it will be Tuesday when the trusses will be placed (unless it rains of course) and maybe by the end of the week when we will have a roof.
And on top of this, I just received a call from my sister-in-law who told me that my wife’s van was rear-ended. She doesn’t see any damage, but I told her to get all the insurance info and his plate number. I also said to write down EVERYTHING that happened in case the other driver gets amnesia.