Maybe it’s me, or maybe it’s how I was brought up. But for those people who live in a flood plain; I think it’s time to grow up…
The lead story tonight on Fox News is Frustration Mounts in Wake of Isabel. The general gist of the story is that people are frustrated by the lack of power, and the slowness of the federal government is handling the situation.
Handling the situation??? This storm hit North Carolina only three days ago. The flood waters still haven’t receded in Annapolis, and people are complaining about the lack of electricity, fast food, dry cleaning, etc… Here’s a clue to those people on the Outer Banks. If you decide to live on an island, and a hurricane hits while you are living there, don’t expect Starbucks to keep serving double-mocca Frappachinos while the Category 2 storm is slamming the six foot above sea level island with an eleven foot storm surge.
No offense but if a damn tornado hit my house tomorrow, I don’t think I would be too damn worried about the federal government cutting me a check at +72 hours. I would probably start sorting through my stuff (which BTW, should have been evacuated several days beforehand when the warnings started coming out) and would be glad my families were alive and healthy.
My personal favorite quote:
“We have phones one minute and then we don’t have phones,” said Phil Reale, whose home in Williamsburg was condemned because a large tree fell on it. “You’re so confused. You really don’t know what to do. We’re going to have to live on the street.”
Wait a minute Phil, your home is now the world’s largest pile of toothpicks and you are worried about the god damn phones? And maybe I’m wrong, but I think the Red Cross has been setting up shelters all up and down the coast so people like yourself have a place to sleep and get a meal. So Phil, time to get your head out of your “Feeling sorry for myself” ass and get your family taken care of.