Tonight’s Blog is brought to you by the lovely Radisson Inn in Arlington Heights.
But that’s not who I want my money back….
It’s from the lovely guys up the road at Medieval Times. Yes, tonight the Wohlgemuth clan put on the “Burger King Wannabe” hats and strolled off to watch 20 somethings play good knight/bad knight.
And it’s always quite entertaining. Explosions, cool lights, nice choreography, everything that makes for what you would normally see in “The Cable Guy”. Except now this is the “new” storyline (as opposed to the one which we’ve seen before. Guys smack each other with dull blades, group that cheers the loudest wins.).
So as I’m prodding on the kids to scream, boo, heckle (hey dammit, I know it’s not real, but I don’t want to lose); we win. The “Black and White” knight pretends to kick the crap out of the sneaky “Blue” knight and everythng is great. He kneels down to get this really nice looking sword and take off with the fair princess.
(Spoiler Alert, if you really don’t want to know what happens next; then you most likely need psychological help)
Except this is where the storyline takes a turn. The secret evil guy is the person who’s knighting him and of course, takes a whack at him. My kids are stunned. This guy who fought off all these other knight gets whacked when he isn’t looking.
So who saves the day? The second place “Blue Knight”? No, it’s the GD “Green Knight” who was the first out of competition with an ingrown toenail. He comes in a steals the spotlight and beats the “Evil Knight” and then the show is over.
Now that I’m sitting here stunned (ok, stunned is WAY too strong of a word. I’ll save that for my next post), my kids are ticked that their guy who won every tournament is now proverbial worm food. And the team who really does win is the icky green side who now has the princess rubbing her jewels all over his flesh wound.
So Medieval Times, while your new storyline is quaint; let the damn team who cheered on their people to win actually enjoy it. 🙂