Especially if you watch “Law & Order”.
So tonight I decide to spend the evening watching my first real TV season start on the big HD in the now windowless living room (sunlights get installed later next week).
Anyhow, after forcing myself though “West Wing” (of which they couldn’t have done a better job of making the Republicans look like fat, war-mongering toads…maybe that’s why I don’t like it); I happily tune in to watch Law and Order (no stupid title after it).
L&O has been one of my favorite shows for a while. Decent storylines, law is upheld, life is happy. Every now and then however, there is one case that goes awry and the wrong side wins (namely the DA’s office when hey have zilch evidence and the guy gets a jury holding a noose). That was the case tonight.
Tonight we had our psychopathic serial killer who preyed on little girls. The actor who played him did an absolutely perfect job of capturing the true twisted view of society that these people usually have. But he wasn’t the focus of the trial at the end. No, the focus was on the guy from “Spin City” who was playing the upwardly mobile “Legal Aid” guy (how upwardly mobile are you if you work for legal aid?).
Anyhow, the serial killer tells his counsel that he killed a whole bunch of other little girls and tells him where they are, and the clueless Legal Aid guy decides to go check it out and confirms it. Since the conversations were between attorney and client, he couldn’t tell the courts what he saw or where it was since it was priviledged. Good old Jack McCoy didn’t like that answer so he had the attorney arrested and found guilty of conspiracy to commit multiple murders.
You know what the funny thing is. There were a total of four people in that room when the guy said that his Legal Aid guy knew. Why isn’t the Bar Association disbarring Mr. McCoy?
Oh yeah, that’s right, it’s a TV show. And one that’s getting suckier all the time.
One more show off the list…