I look forward to Monday nights. No seriously, it’s not because of football or anything along those lines. It’s because I get to play uber-dad and spend some time with my daughter in between her various dance classes; jazz, tap, and “hip-hop” (a.k.a. Pole Dancing 101, IMHO).
Anyhow, this gives us some really good “daddy-daughter” time during the dinner break between her lessons. Especially now since she’s twelve and I’m slowly descending into early senility and definitel uncoolness. Tonight’s choice of fast food was Arby’s and the main subject was Geography, specifically the various countries of Europe. So over a Ham & Cheese, we delve into her worksheet of Europe.
Except this one forgot to keep up with the times. The entire Balkans area is one big blue blob, Lithuania, Estonia, and Latvia don’t exist and the entire eastern half of the map has the following acronym:
The map that my daughter is coloring is over ten years old. Doing the math, Lithuania became independent in 1990. This means the photocopied worksheet my daughter is working on is older than she is. Maybe I’ve missed it, but exactly how hard is it to find an updated “fill-in-the-blank” map which would show the demise of the “Eastern Bloc” which only occured, say, thirteen years ago.
Normally I would be shocked and surprised at the total cluelessness of the situation, except this is slowly becoming par for the course in our schools today. Instead of teachers spending time on teaching, they now are part of the bureaucracy spending time in textbook review committees and other non-teaching activities.
But in between meetings, could someone go to Kinko’s and make a copy of this?