Everyone has seen the infamous foul ball video from last night’s Cubs/Marlins game where the guy was trying for the foul ball in the seats and interfered with Moises Alou. And while opinions have run rampant about how he interfered with the catch, one thing remains the same.
This guy’s life is ruined.
Last night, he was an anonymous Cubs fan. Today, thanks to the Smoking Gun and the Chicago Sun-Times, he’s been named. Immediately the press has besiged his house and his company told him that it wasn’t a good idea if he came into work today.
There are a whole bunch of people who would love to blame this on this one guy. He messed up catching a foul ball that would have, at worst, landed on the railing in front of him. Nevermind that it was bad pitching and two intentional walks that really screwed the game IMHO. It was bad playing by the Cubs, which if you watched last night’s game, was noticible in the 7th inning.
But now this guy literally has to go into hiding. Everyone from Fark to the NG’s to TV stations are talking about lynching, beating, and destroying this guy’s life.
But now Cubs fans can be proud. They have a real live scapegoat curse to deal with…..