Thanks to Nathaniel T. Heatwole.
If you don’t know who he is, he is the guy accused of smuggling box-cutter’s onto a Southwest airlines jet last week.
#1. He should be charged with bringing an unauthorized item aboard an airplane and given the absolute minimum sentence possible.
#2. He should be given a job with the TSA and just remind them now frigging clueless this whole system is.
People don’t seem to understand. When you have 1,000+ people coming and going on an airplane every single day, the chances that someone will get something “banned” on board are going to be astronomical.
And I don’t think the government realizes that the whole “terrorist crashing a plane into a building” trick isn’t going to work anymore. Think about it, if a group of guys with boxcutters try to hijack a plane, the sorry idiots are going to be given a first-class seat in front of an engine. 9/11 worked because the poeple on the planes thought they were going to land and have demands given for their release. On the last plane, they found out the truth and fought back.
But that’s not my point. My point is with the obtrusive, stupid, and totally useless policies of the TSA which are supposed to protect us from terrorists hijacking planes and crashing them into large buildings. The policies of the TSA make it completely unfriendly and unworthy to travel by plane anywhere. I’m not worried about dying on a blown-up airplane; the odds of that happening are close to nil. I am worried about missing my flight because Joe Blow in Security doesn’t like my bitchy kids and holds us back for a week.
So this is my request to President Bush. It isn’t the boxcutters that are going to get you, and it’s not the people on the planes. Starting looking somewhere else…