Anyone who has called a business in the past ten years has been forced to listen to the follwing:
“ThankyouforcallingJoeBlowFloristwherewehavetheexclusiveAl-Quedabouquetonsalefor$29.95, how can I help you today?”
In the world of business it obviously helps to advertise your specials to all of your customers. At first it was annoying, but now people tune it out like TV commercials. But now-a-days in order to one-up each other, we now have advertisements in the middle of calls…like my last call to SBC.
I counted at least four attempts to get me to ask about “New and Exciting Services from SBC” like DIAL-TONE!, CALL WAITING!, and the ever popular CALL IGNORING SERVICE FOR ONLY $3.95 PER MONTH, WE WILL DISCONNECT YOUR PHONE LINE FOR A MONTH SO THAT YOU CAN ENJOY THE PEACE AND QUIET THAT YOU HAVE ALWAYS YEARNED FOR!!!!
OK, I’m kidding on the last one. But the clueless yips with most phone companies try to upsell you into anything that means more dedicated revenue for them. Same as my last call to them where I was told I could save big dollars on my phone bill, get unlimited local calling, or save big money on my Local Long Distance calling, all this after I wanted to add Call Forwarding to my line.
But I can’t blame the CSR. When I left the clutches of GTE several years ago, people were being graded on the number of attempts they made to sell something during a call. It didn’t matter if it was a disconnect, you should make at least two tries to upsell the customer on something or get canned. And at decent paying CSR jobs, you understand why people are will to do stupid circus tricks like that.
But to top it off at the end, the rep in her best fake-interest voice said “Now Brian, I have to ask you a question. How would you rate my service to you today?”
“Oh, I’d rate it so well I’m going to have to write about it….” 🙂