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Cool Things to see on Christmas Day

Friends who live twelve hours away.
The “Sports Night” DVD set under the tree for yours truly.
And my son’s first Christmas at a place he can finally call home.


Weekend Update

Let’s see:
#1. Tyler is now officially Tyler Robert Wohlgemuth. Adoption was completed last Thursday.
#2. Had a very cool weekend with my daughter Krystal in Chicago.
#3. Only two days until Christmas.

Recasting Star Wars

A long time ago, in a corporation far far away; my friends Jamie and Mike helped recast the entire Star Wars Trilogy. While I do like the existing cast; I always wondered how different the movie would be with a few different people in those roles.
Example: Ice-T as Lando Calrissian
Tagline: (To Princess Leia) “Welcome to Bespin, bitch…”

From LGF
Wesley Clark, West Point grad and former Commander of NATO said that he would give Europe the “…right of first refusal on the security concerns that we have…” and would expect Europe to give the US “….the same right on your security concerns”.
General Clark, I can safely say that I will never vote for you. To put our nation’s security at risk because you want to appease the Euro-Weenies (and I defintely don’t mean Europe as a whole, just the psychotic EU-building politicate) is unbelieveable. For a former commander of American forces in Europe, and a Commander in NATO; your inability to put the needs of your country ahead of the desire to “make nice” with Monsieur Chirac and the rest of the EU makes you completely incapable to lead a pack of Boy Scouts, let alone the presidency of this country.

Thank God for Al Gore

He just locked up Bush for another four years. He also might have pushed Lieberman over the edge, away from the Democratic party.
Once again, the Democrats will not win another national office if they keep pandering to the far left of their party. Only crazier thing they could do at this point would be to make Kucinich their VP candidate.

Here’s all the fun stuff that is going on:
1. Looks like DeAnn is Type II Diabetic. No shots thankfully, but it looks like some big changes in the Wohlgemuth household.
2. My buddy Dennis lost his grandmother today to Leukemia. She was a great person, and will be sorely missed.
3. Krystal and her friend Meghan are coming out here this weekend for a visit. Will the house still be standing on Sunday?
4. BTW Krystal pulled off all A’s & B’s on her report card. Super major props to her. (did I say that right, I’m not very fluent in jive…)

My Vapid TV Fix

For the past month plus, I’ve watched the dressing down of the “Average Joe” with the cheerleader picking through the field, only to have the producers drop in three cute guys to compete with the field.
It was never even close.
Which brings me to this point. I’ve been happily married now for the past six years. In that timeframe, my “cute” female friends have married “cute” guys who decided to get “cute” girlfriends while they are married and end up in “cute” divorce court.
While it sounds 100%, there is nothing more satisfying than telling someone “Yes, I’m still married. Yes, we’re very happy. And yes, you had your chance.”
Even though I might be the stunt double for the Michelin Man, all the pain I went through earlier in my life was well worth knowing that it was for a good purpose. And that I didn’t end up with a “cute” ex-wife.

From Sgt. Hook:

My son Tyler and I aren’t too much alike. I am the more introverted, “going to spend the cold winter afternoon reading a book and keeping warm by the fire” than the “run outside in your longjohns and squeal like you have snow in your pants”. That being said, I am so glad he found my brother-in-law Randy.
My Brother-In-Law is the hunter of the family. He traps, shoots, fishes, anything you can imagine doing to a animal in the wild (not including sheep) he has probably done. Get up in a tree stand at 04:00 and wait for six hours for a deer? Probably did that last week. Shoot at fish with a bow and arrow? Yup. Go raccoon hunting? Every night he can.
Which is where this story comes into play. Last night Randy took Tyler out on his raccoon hunting escapade and this kids came back with the biggest smile I have ever seen. I mean, this is a kid I took to DisneyWorld a few months ago and he was even happier spending an evening running around like a maniac in twenty degree weather chasing a bunch of dogs to cathch a rodent in a tree. When he came back in the truck, he went into a long story about running through the woods, climbing over fences, getting stuck in briars, and other things you would run into at 9:00 at night deep in the forest.
But these adventures will not include yours truly. Personally I do like the whole idea of running around when it’s that cold out. It just doesn’t appeal to me. That being said, I am glad my son loves it so much.

Honestly, who cares.
USC was the top team for all of one week. The BCS exists to find the two best teams in college football and pairs them up to play each other. It’s not a measure of “who the best team is on December 7th”. It’s a measure of the best teams overall. It’s more akin to the NASCAR point system. In the BCS, one bad game doesn’t knock you out of the championship picture.
Personally, I honestly think all the bitching abou the BCS is mostly due to the sportwriters not being able to pick the matchup they wanted this week. If you would have asked them two weeks ago who the best two teams in football were, UCLA would probably not have been the universal consensus.
One more reason why a playoff system makes sense, but the BCS is the best we’re going to get,