In the past three weeks I’ve had approximately $800 worth of normal stuff break on my van (Power Steering Line Noise, Tie Rods, DPFE Sensor, and now Oxygen Sensor).
So my daughter Hannah comes up with the idea of “Dad, we need a new van.” But the van is only three years old, and we owe significantly more on it than what it’s worth. Trading this one in is pretty much out of the question, so with one car already paid off we’re seriously thinking of buying a third and using that as the “Primary Wifey Mobile? while relegating the van to the “Special Trip? category.
Has anyone looked at the price of a new van these days? Just to get into the “Get you from point A-B with a DVD Player? is around $22,000. That’s before all the usual additions that I avoid like the towing package, water dispenser, GPS/X-Box/OnStar/Seat Warmer/All-in-One Hot Dog Cooker things that I see in cars these days. Hannah is of course all excited about getting a new van and is in serious FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt) phase on the van.
Hannah: Dad, we need a new van. That thing has been in the shop how many times this week?
Me: Twice this week, and while we are thinking of getting a new car there is no way we are buying a new van.
Hannah: But dad, this van is crummy and there isn’t a place that we can lie down when we’re on long trips. And you know that this van is most likely going to end up in the shop again. C’mon dad, you know you want a new van.
Me: Well, we could get a new van, but that would mean that we would have to cancel all of our trips for next year (including the long-awaited Disney Cruise) along with anything fun and exciting for a while.
Hannah: (after a long pause) You know, I really do like our van.
Me: That’s what I thought…