Reading through Drudge today, one of the articles caught my eye.

Beijing Warns That Taiwan Referendum Could Lead to War

Why it’s at the bottom of Drudge’s stories is pretty obvious, this isn’t the first time it has been mentioned. In fact doing a quick google on “China Taiwan Threats” turns up a whole list of declarations for “reunification” of the two countries from Bejing.

Ed. Note: For a brief history of Taiwan click here.

The US has officially backed Taiwan’s independence since 1979 with the Taiwan Relations Act. What the act provides is not only economic and defensive aid; but it also allows the US to act upon any threat to Taiwan’s independence.

I guess for the two or three people that read this blog, I’ll leave this open to you. Would you support US Intervention in a Sino-Taiwan war, even if this opened the US up to possible direct nuclear warfare with the Chinese?
Also, anyone wanting to read about Chinese dreams of becoming a superpower should read “The China Threat” by Bill Gertz. Quite an interesting read…