For the past month plus, I’ve watched the dressing down of the “Average Joe” with the cheerleader picking through the field, only to have the producers drop in three cute guys to compete with the field.
It was never even close.
Which brings me to this point. I’ve been happily married now for the past six years. In that timeframe, my “cute” female friends have married “cute” guys who decided to get “cute” girlfriends while they are married and end up in “cute” divorce court.
While it sounds 100%, there is nothing more satisfying than telling someone “Yes, I’m still married. Yes, we’re very happy. And yes, you had your chance.”
Even though I might be the stunt double for the Michelin Man, all the pain I went through earlier in my life was well worth knowing that it was for a good purpose. And that I didn’t end up with a “cute” ex-wife.