I’m a pretty boring guy, and for fun what do I find myself doing? Looking up old classmate names in Google.
No I’m not looking to rekindle an old flame from almost twenty years ago. Jees, I probably couldn’t even remember too much about these people in general (and I’m quite happy with Mrs. W). But for the last graduating class from Kolmar Ave. School; I felt it was my duty to see what the hell they were up to…
The whole reason I started doing this was because of my 8th grade graduation picture. The frame it was in got smashed, so it’s been sitting on my desk awaitng its owner to put it into a tube where it will sit for eternity (or until my kids clean out the attic 60 years from now and toss it). But before I did that, I figured what the hell and decided to look up my class. There were only 39 of us in the graduating class back in 1985; so googling 39 names isn’t a tough process. Especially with the ethnic blend of names in my class (Arab, Yugoslavian, Lithuanian, German, Serbian, Irish, Polish, Greek, etc), finding some of these people would be easy.
But it wasn’t. I only got hits on about 1/2 the names. But it was interesting to see where people went.
The two science geeks of the time (me and another guy) work in IT and telecom.
One of the girls is a high-priced lawyer in downtown Chicago.
The guy who used my head as a punching bag in 8th grade is a lead singer for a band in LA.
One seems to have gone off the deep end and is a “Herbal chiropractor” in Canada.
The rest are essentially non-existant. No really huge hits in google, no blogs or even a NG post under their name (for the more common names I used a highly un-scientific and totally untried processes of validation using factors like where they live, their age, etc…).
So, several years from now, when someone along those lines decides to google “Kolmar Avenue School 1985”, maybe I’ll make their search a little more strange…