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Why the new iPod mini should flop

#1. Price Point. The new iPod mini is only $50 less than a basic 20GB iPod. If I’m going to spend $250 for an MP3 player, you can bet your ass that I’m going to dish out the extra $50 to get five times the storage.
#2. Not Solid State. With today’s flash memory getting really damn cheap, there is no way that any small MP3 player should have a HD. Less moving parts means less stuff breaking. It’s that simple.
Waiting for a Solid State MP3 player with a AM/FM radio built in.


Sometime between yesterday afternoon and late last night, I pulled a ligament or muscle in my left foot. Can’t frigging walk on it, hurts like hell if I put any pressure on it. Since I did my strength training yesterday (and oh boy, I can feel that too); no working out today or probably tomorrow.
Hate to say this, but everytime I start actually moving this body; this crap always happens.