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A benefit of the whole “working out” thing is that I’ve been forced to purchase a MP3 player. That was more than clearly evident today as I was walking on the treadmill around the 10:00 mark. So tonight I went out and bought a cheapo 64MB flash player with no bells and whistles (except for the FM radio) and went on my way.
First thing uploaded (besides the six Beatles songs that I’ve been on a kick for the past week) was a King’s X single “Black Like Sunday”. Doug, the bass player in KX uses a number of different instruments on their CDs. One of them is a 12-String monster which now is clearly audible on the cheapo MP3 player with even cheaper ear buds.
Makes me wonder what this would sound like through my Sony’s.



Today is the day that I cracked over 100 songs purchased through iTunes. This adds up to close to $85 that I have spent buying mostly older, released years ago albums. In other words, this is music that has already been recorded, promoted, and discarded into oblivion only to wait for a “Greatest Hits” re-release. This is what we call “low margin, high profit” music.
You are welcome. And you still are a bunch of twits.