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Wanted: New Secretary

This one keeps falling asleep on the job.

Salary is three treats a day. Benefits include one walk, plus the ability to be lazy anywhere you want.
Update: Must not start barking at the beginning of Wish You Were Here.


Motives and Methods

Last night we got an interesting e-mail from Tyler’s teacher detailing an incident at school where Tyler punched a first grader in the mouth (FYI, Tyler is in second grade). The teacher didn’t actually see the incident and the stories being told by the witnesses were not even close to each other. Since the kid was punched by my son, Tyler is going to miss recess today.
Anyhow, we talked to Tyler about the incident to find out his side of the story. It turns out that while in the bathroom, this first grader (who is apparently taller than Tyler) came in and started picking on Tyler’s friend Eli. The kid started to punch Eli in the arm, of which Tyler took significant offense to and promptly popped the kid in the jaw.
This isn’t the first time that I’ve seen Tyler rush to the aid of a schoolmate. He won an award two months ago for performing a similar (but less violent) action for another classmate who was being picked on by a much older kid.
While I don’t like the idea of my son punching anyone, you have to admit for defending a friend from a bully is usually a good motive.