Saturday night dates are a rarity in the Wohlgemuth home. While our kids do frequent the skating rink almost every weekend, it rarely gives us enough time to do dinner and maybe a stop at Wal-Mart. But tonight, the date Gods smiled and gave us “Extended Skating Hours” thanks to some party scheduling and large amounts of cash bribes.
So tonight after a totally regretful dinner at Ponder-grossa, Mrs. W and I decided to catch the latest Brit-Chick-Flick, Calendar Girls. If you have seen the previews, you know the storyline. However, at one point in the movie the girls are sitting on a deck somewhere and one of the girls is talking to a guy with a shaved head and a red/black goatee. At this point, my brain shifts out of “chick-flick” slumber and says “wait, wasn’t that…..”. Before I get to the rest of the sentence, the lady blurts out “Chris, I want you to meet John, Frank, and Scott. They’re in some heavy metal group called ‘Anthrax’.” Now just WTF. Here I am in full “Chick-Flick” catatonia and now I’m trying to imagine these fifty something girls at a concret screaming the lyrics to “Only”. I think Scott said just enough to have to have SAG membership, but I really have no clue what their lines were.
But alas, the guys were on stage about as long as Scott had hair on the top of his head. At least is was long enough to wake me up out of the death sprial….