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‘I’m not going to spend $9 just for a few laughs’ — CBS’s Andy Rooney to Don Imus on why he won’t see PASSION OF CHRIST….
And no, he won’t be fired because Dubya will call in his minions and invade CBS with Black Helicopters. It will be the highly pissed off Christians who will tell CBS’s advertisers they will boycott the crap out of them if one more dime goes to that shrill at the end of each broadcast.
UPDATE: For the four people that read this blog, you will see that yesterday I was trying to provoke some people into actually putting comments into my blog by coming up with insensitive things to say while watching “Passion” inside the movie theater. That’s my dark humor, and I was surprised that someone who reads this didn’t throw in his two cents worth. Nevertheless, I wholly support people’s right to decide whether they believe in God or not, and how they go about showing that belief. While Mr. Rooney can have his beliefs, the point of the post was to show how a person who’s livelihood depends on the public audience should maybe be a bit more careful when he decides to insult millions of consumers.


Free speech squashed in school.
Can I just blame this on the idiot school administrators or did they call the DOJ?

Traffic Generator – Part Deux

Insensitive things to say during “The Passion of the Christ”.
“Dude, where’s the car chase?”

Irony Defined

This is old news, but still funny.
The World Socialist Web Site has come out criticizing the latest policy by the US Border Patrol in which they are setting up road checkpoints within 100 miles of the US border.
Are they pissed that they weren’t given the usual props?? 😉

Class: 1, 2, 3, 4, 1, 2, 3, 4, 1….
Me: √4
Teacher: What?
(Insert stunned silence for about 15 seconds)
Other Classmate: Oh yeah, he would have been two.

OK, I Admit It

Emily is finally getting old enough to where she wants to listen to her music in the car. So last night she grabs some CD from Avril Lavigne and throws it in the changer.
OK, it just might stay in a bit longer than she thinks. It actually a well produced album, at least technically and whoever wrote the music on a few songs did a pretty good job. It will never win a grammy for “deepest thought put into a song”, but for a pop album it’s not too bad.
Uh-oh, isn’t this a sign of a mid-life crisis? 😉 If anyone sees me on a pair of rollerblades, you have been given permission to run me over.

Ow, Ow, Ow

It’s been an interesting trek over the past month of working out like a maniac then having to take three weeks off because of various family obligations/illnesses.
Anyhow, last week I was finally able to start going to the gym more and more often. I’m finding that I like the quiet time and moving immobile objects (especially myself) through the stages. One thing I did notice when I came back was that I obviously didn’t lose any of my muscle mass and I could just workout like I never left. However, the weights I was working were pretty easy. I could easily do 4 sets of 12 without blinking. So after some consulting, I decided to pack on the pounds on the machine in the hope of losing them on the user.
For the past week, I’ve been going in and pushing myself on various weights to the point where I can get maybe six to eight reps in one set. One unforutnate “benefit” of this is I haven’t been in this much pain since High School. While it’s nice that I have increased my weights by about 30%-50% on average, I know that it’s at least working since moving my legs requires some deep thought.
Oh well, in six months hopefully this will be all worth it….current goal is to be down one shirt size by May 15th (graduation day).

It’s the mission to create a story out of nothing.
Moorewatch pointed to a new story on National Review detailing the presidents service and making logical, reasonable arguments on why the president served with honor in Alabama and Texas.
Notice how the “AWOL” story isn’t the lead, or is even mentioned on the front pages of most news sites (and yes, Dean quitting is big news). The only thing mentioned on CNN, MSNBC, and FOX websites regarding Bush are his “troubling” remarks regarding gay marriage.

I missed it…

One year of blogging. Nothing really big happened except one more Wohlgemuth in the house, which meant we needed more house. We went to war in Iraq, lost a shuttle, and are now in the midst of a presidential election.
Predictions for next year. Watch this space for one more Wohlgemuth, another Bush victory, and more pictures of the kids.

Cue the Imperial March

By sheer force of will (and a lack of other candidates), yours truly has been elevated to the following:
Brian Wohlgemuth, President, Hunter’s Ridge Neighborhood Association.
(insert evil laugh here)