‘I’m not going to spend $9 just for a few laughs’ — CBS’s Andy Rooney to Don Imus on why he won’t see PASSION OF CHRIST….
And no, he won’t be fired because Dubya will call in his minions and invade CBS with Black Helicopters. It will be the highly pissed off Christians who will tell CBS’s advertisers they will boycott the crap out of them if one more dime goes to that shrill at the end of each broadcast.
UPDATE: For the four people that read this blog, you will see that yesterday I was trying to provoke some people into actually putting comments into my blog by coming up with insensitive things to say while watching “Passion” inside the movie theater. That’s my dark humor, and I was surprised that someone who reads this didn’t throw in his two cents worth. Nevertheless, I wholly support people’s right to decide whether they believe in God or not, and how they go about showing that belief. While Mr. Rooney can have his beliefs, the point of the post was to show how a person who’s livelihood depends on the public audience should maybe be a bit more careful when he decides to insult millions of consumers.