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Anyone who has kids has collected it. You know, the cheap toys that somehow always end up in your house even though you make the promise with your wife/husband/significant parakeet that it will never happen. No, you know your kids are better than collecting useless trinkets, unlike the common masses.

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So while enjoying a quiet Sunday afternoon, a group of protesters invaded Karl Rove’s property.
If it was me, this would have been the conversation:
“Hello, Mr. and Mrs. Protestor. This is your official notice to leave my property at once. If you do not leave immediately, I will only assume that you are hear to hurt my family and my property. Be sure of this, my brand new shotgun and I will make sure that this does not occur. You have 20 seconds to leave the grounds. Please stay off the grass, and have a nice day.”


A hard drive enclosure that has firewire, USB, and ethernet built in and can act as a file server.
No, I’m not asking for much. 🙂

I’ve always tried to be a good person. I try to be considerate, to understand what people are going through, why people behave the way they do. While being empathic has helped me in my career, it has done crap when it comes to living in my neighborhood.

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My Laptop, a late March afternoon, and 802.11b all from the back of my house. Pic to follow later….

Miss a Little, Miss a Lot

From CNN’s Front Page:
Separately a Palestinian boy was killed early Saturday after Israeli forces entered the Balata refugee camp in the West Bank, Palestinian and Israeli military sources said.
But if you read the entire story….and you have to to get to this part at the absolute end of the post:
The commander of the Israeli forces returned to the camp in a jeep to retrieve his troops, the IDF said. As the Israelis were leaving the camp, a Palestinian with an AK-47 rifle fired at the vehicle, missing his target, the IDF said.
After driving away, the commander said, he heard screaming. He turned around to see a young boy being held by crying women and a man.

So basically, a Palestinian gunman opened fired on a Israeli jeep, missed, and hit a kid. And how is this the Israeli’s fault???? Where’s the security council condemnation for the damn jeeps not coming to a complete halt so they can be better targets for the Palestinians?
Update: Oops, the Palestinians can’t really claim this is an Israeli plot….this time someone got it on tape.

Why I Can’t Make Plans Anymore

I had good plans for tonight. Tonight I was planning on going to see Sean Hannity talk downtown at the Scottish Rite, then maybe go see Jersey Girl at the uber movie-plex (I had free tickets for the first one).
Nope, guess who get paged at 15:17. Massive outage, chronic, icky, bad.
Not bitching, just a thought for those who think working from home is an absolute dream.
Update: So what did I do tonight? Spent five hours escalating a ticket with SBC and in between watched the new Looney Tunes movie with the kids. Thank God DeAnn only rented this movie… 🙂

So as I’m working today, my Internet connection went down again for the third time in two months. After resetting my computer, router, and finally radio to the tower; I called the ISP to ask them what’s going on.
Me: Hi, this is Brian Wohlgemuth out here in Huntington. Are you guys having problems again?
Tech: Yeah, we noticed a huge spike in your bandwidth so we shut you off.
Me: Excuse me?
Tech: Yeah, we shut you down, thought you might have had a virus.
Me: Or it could have been that I was downloading a huge file that I need to print and sign and get out to UPS by noon.
Tech: Oh, well I guess it could have been that.
Me: And seeing as how I’m the guy who works on Global Networks all day long, has my machines firewalled to the gills, don’t you think a phone call to me might have been more appropriate.
Tech: Umm, yeah, we’ll try that next time.
Now I have to decide between SBC and Comcast…decisions, decisions…..

Get Robbed, Go to Jail

Of course, this is already illegal in the US under the Ashcroft Justice Department…
Update: Dean Esmay did some more digging on this and apparently the story left out that the guy that was being robbed was a drug dealer and he chased his robber several blocks before stabbing him. Quite a difference from what the story originally said…

Spiffy New Thunderbird Extension

I’ve always been under the opinion that rss feeds are best viewed through e-mail/news clients. I open and close browser windows all day long, but Thunderbird remains open over 18 hours a day.
For months I’ve been using nntp/rss as a bastardized reader which gave me what I’ve wanted. Today there is something better. Forumzilla is an extension in Thunderbird. It frigging rocks. The only major problems I see is that there is zero control over polling and to add a blog to the list requires you to edit a txt file buried in the profile folder.