Yesterday afternoon around 1:30, my house was raided…
Actually, no it wasn’t raided, but the doorbell did ring. Hallie went into her usual mode (bark, hide, bark, hide…) and standing outside the door were two police officers. Now it’s been years since one has come to my door, so I was especially interested in what two policemen were doing at my door.
Well first they busted down the door, sprayed me with mace, beat my dog…
Actually no they didn’t. Earlier while I was working like an idiot, I had fat fingered dialing a Kansas City number (area code 913) and had accidentally hit the “One” button twice. That was enough for 911 to go nuts and send two squads to my house because they couldn’t call me back on my fax line (I was trying to conference in a customer with a tech).
The officers were really nice and asked some basic questions (is your wife home, are you the only one home, are you an idiot, etc…). I voluntarily showed the guy my ID, lavishly apologized for wasting their time, and they went on their way.
Let the comments begin, yes I do work for the phone company and I don’t know how to use the telephone… đŸ™‚