California is now opening another Pandora’s Box by creating an state amendment allowing kids 14-18 the right to vote. 14 & 15 year olds would have their vote count as 1/4 vote, and 16 & 17 year old would have their vote count as one-half.
First of all, what’s the point? Giving someone less than one vote is pretty much pointless and will only cause more confusion when counting ballots. Imagine the recalls if we had a close race in California.
Second, it’s painfully obviously these geniuses have never heard of Section One of the Fourteenth Amendment which covers equal protection under the law. Since this is the Amendment that was used in allowing gay marriage, how much of a leap would it be to envision “1/4 vote is discriminatory”. And how soon would it be that a 14 year old kid from California could move to Arizona and push the courts to allow them to vote.
There is a reason why we don’t allow kids to vote, they are not ready to make an informed decision on where the candidates stand. I can easily say that I was nowhere near ready to vote when I was 14, the biggest thing I was worried about was having enough money to go bowling on Friday night. How fast are we going to see an erosion of laws that specifically govern kids behavior? In California, it looks like a few months….