Of which, mine is one of them. At least she’s in training….
I’ve always had an idea of running for political office. Maybe it’s the prestige, maybe it’s a way of getting acceptance, or some other form of psychosis. I’ll let the voters be the judge. 🙂
While writing on this blog, there are many times where I really want to write about “controversial topic #387” and really rail into it. However since the Internet has a long memory, there have been many a time where I start to type in a long-winded mindless rant, save it, come back to it, and then promptly delete it because it’s pointless and only inflammatory. I guess this does fall into a form of “self-censorship” since I am the censor and the audience I’m censoring from is the possible voters of Huntington County and Indiana as a whole.
I’m starting to pull things together for a run in 2006 for a vacant School Board seat. Right now it’s just learning how to get my name out and not make myself look like a complete idiot. But at least I have the politically-savvy Mrs. right there with me…. 🙂