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BTW, It’s Official

Emily has officially turned the corner and become a sullen, grumpy teenager (not by age, that doesn’t happen until August). This morning while driving her to school, she sat speechless and when it was time to get out it was “Bye Dad”. This wouldn’t be a big deal, except it’s been happening for the past few weeks more and more often.
Into the abyss….


Last night as I’m flipping through the channels, the Tivo popped up with TechTV. I used to watch ZDTV pretty often back when it first came on the air on DirecTV, but it fell out of my lineup when the shows started getting really old (same show aired eight times a day, for a week). It also had the distinct honor of hosting the worst interview of all time.
So tonight as I’m looking at my late night choices, there’s a new show (at least new to me) called Unscrewed with Martin Sargent. Feeling bored and lacking any other choices of entertainment, I decide to watch it as I’m falling asleep.
To start with, they are going through vaious practical jokes to pull on your computer geek friends (like putting a smoke generating oil in your target’s monitor, swapping keys on the keyboard, putting .bat shutdown files into the startup folder in Windows to cause a constant startup/reboot scenario, etc). It’s obvious that their target audience are those from the ages of 12 to 21 which is interesting since the show airs at 11:30 EST. But the final thing that pushed this show out of the realms of techie crap was the Girls Gone Wired segment which showed soft-core porn with pixelization over the naughty bits.
Now WTF is the point of this show. I know that TechTV’s rating are in the toilet, but resorting to soft core porn just makes this 32 year old geek want to watch it less (especially if there are little ones in the house). What’s next, Leo and Patrick hacking a Tivo in loincloths?