So as I’m working today, my Internet connection went down again for the third time in two months. After resetting my computer, router, and finally radio to the tower; I called the ISP to ask them what’s going on.
Me: Hi, this is Brian Wohlgemuth out here in Huntington. Are you guys having problems again?
Tech: Yeah, we noticed a huge spike in your bandwidth so we shut you off.
Me: Excuse me?
Tech: Yeah, we shut you down, thought you might have had a virus.
Me: Or it could have been that I was downloading a huge file that I need to print and sign and get out to UPS by noon.
Tech: Oh, well I guess it could have been that.
Me: And seeing as how I’m the guy who works on Global Networks all day long, has my machines firewalled to the gills, don’t you think a phone call to me might have been more appropriate.
Tech: Umm, yeah, we’ll try that next time.
Now I have to decide between SBC and Comcast…decisions, decisions…..