From CNN’s Front Page:
Separately a Palestinian boy was killed early Saturday after Israeli forces entered the Balata refugee camp in the West Bank, Palestinian and Israeli military sources said.
But if you read the entire story….and you have to to get to this part at the absolute end of the post:
The commander of the Israeli forces returned to the camp in a jeep to retrieve his troops, the IDF said. As the Israelis were leaving the camp, a Palestinian with an AK-47 rifle fired at the vehicle, missing his target, the IDF said.
After driving away, the commander said, he heard screaming. He turned around to see a young boy being held by crying women and a man.

So basically, a Palestinian gunman opened fired on a Israeli jeep, missed, and hit a kid. And how is this the Israeli’s fault???? Where’s the security council condemnation for the damn jeeps not coming to a complete halt so they can be better targets for the Palestinians?
Update: Oops, the Palestinians can’t really claim this is an Israeli plot….this time someone got it on tape.