Last night, at the behest of the wifey I went and saw Kevin Smith’s latest film, Jersey Girl. Of course, I didn’t go alone. Yup, that cute little seven year old Emily is getting closer and closer to being a teenager. Since it was a Friday night and DeAnn wanted at least one kid out of the house while I was out, Emily got a daddy date night.
Of course the only time it was playing in Huntington is 9:15, which means that we’ll get home around 11:30. Ick, but oh well, she’s getting old enough to handle that.
BTW, spolier alert on clicking the link below. You have been warned.

First of all, WTF was with the main character’s names. Ollie and Gertrude? I guess Kevin wanted something memorable for the audiences but still, c’mon. Ick. Oh well, move along…
Movie starts out with Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck groping each other and getting ready to have a kid. Apparently Kevin cut out the wedding scene which I agree would have been a distraction. J-Lo gets knocked off in about 10 minutes. Thank you Kevin. šŸ˜‰
George Carlin is Affleck’s dad which he plays the drunk sanitation worker quite well. His daughter is quite cute and I honestly think they did a stunning job finding a baby that had the same eyes between the baby Gertie and the seven year old.
Fast forward about 30 minutes, to the scene that made me cringe since I had Emily with me. A five minute scene between Affleck and Liv Tyler (who is really impressing me with her roles) where Liv asks Ben (for some thesis paper) about how often he rents porn and masturbates to it. While the scene was quite hilarious, I ept looking over at my daughter to see if she would start puking, laughing, or crack out an Uzi and blow away the entire audience (btw, we had a chat about that scene after the movie…everything’s cool).
In the end, Affleck is offered a job and almost moves back to NYC. Fate intervenes and they stay in Jersey. Overall it’s a good movie, but I don’t know if I would go out an buy it on DVD. The cameos were great (especially Wil Smith), but it didn’t really jump out as a “damn good storyline” movie (unlike some others I’ve reviewed here).